Hot Pink Deicer is a unique company with a dual mission: to provide property owners with a superior, safer, and less expensive deicer while supporting local families affected by breast cancer. When it’s time to use deicer, why not use the one that gives back to the community?


You use deicer anyway…

Since 2010, Hot Pink Deicer has been able to give back to our community in a powerful way. Our customers get a premium product that is more effective, non-corrosive, non-caking, non-tracking, and safe for pets and plants but even better, part of the proceeds mean you are helping support families through financial struggles associated with a breast cancer diagnosis.

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Embrace the Pink


Homeowners, snow and ice management contractors, business owners, distributors, and retailers are choosing to make a positive impact on their community by using Hot Pink Deicer. Together we stand. Together we make a difference. Join our growing Hot Pink movement today!